Our Growers

We’ve always been a family business supporting family farms, bringing fresh local produce to the marketplace.

Meet Our Local Growers

  • photo-grower-appalachian-sustainable

    Appalachian Sustainable Development

    Abington, Virginia

    - Established in 2000 -

    Organic: Squash, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Peppers

    Appalachian Harvest is a social enterprise that Appalachian Sustainable Development was started to provide tobacco farmers who were losing their subsidies with an alternative source of income.  Appalachian Sustainable Development taught these farmers how to grow certified organic produce, helped them to obtain certification and established large wholesale markets.

  • photo-grower-barrys-berries

    Barry’s Berries & Jan’s Jams

    Charles City County, Virginia

    - Established in 1990 -


    In retirement, the Fitzgeralds have each developed businesses that complement one another. Barry raises the berries and his wife Jan, creates the jams. Their fruit is grown without pesticides or herbicides on six acres of Rose Tree Hill Farm, their 12-acre farm located in Charles City County.

  • photo-grower-c-and-e

    C & E Farms

    Cheriton, Virginia

    - Established in 1986 -

    Green Beans, Wax Beans, KY Beans

    Phil Colson and Lester Erlemeier in Cheriton, Virginia established C&E Farms in 1986. These two men were the pioneers of hydro-cooling green beans, setting a new industry standard. Their innovation, along with a dedication to quality and service, has made their beans a top choice.

    C&E Farms processes more than 750,000 bushels of beans annually off of 5,000 acres.

  • photo-grower-cedar-point

    Cedar Point Farm

    Mechanicsville, Virginia

    - Established in 1931 -

    Squash, Greens

    Cedar Point Farm is a small third-generation family farm in Hanover County, Virginia, consisting of approximately 45 acres. Cedar Point has been family owned and operated since 1931.

    The Kirby family is committed to its mission statement to produce safe, quality locally grown vegetables, which are delivered directly to their buyers within hours of picking from the fields.

  • photo-grower-cole-berry-farm

    Cole Berry Farm

    Vernon Hill, Virginia

    - Established in 1988 -

    Blackberries, Raspberries, Grapes

    Cole Berry Farm is a 105-acre farm located in Halifax County, Virginia. It was established in 1988 and is farmed by Joey and Jeff Cole.

    Cole Berry Farm produces blackberries, raspberries and grapes. Their berries are picked daily, forced air cooled, stored and delivered at 31 to 34 degrees.

  • photo-grower-crown-orchard

    Crown Orchard

    Batesville, Virginia

    - Established in 1912 -

    Peaches, Nectarines, Apples

    “Charlottesville’s Tastiest Tradition” since 1912 for four generations, Crown Orchard Company has been one of Central Virginia’s most prolific fruit growers, boasting seven major orchards spread over a 15-mile radius.

    Owned and operated by the Chiles family, the company has many acres of peaches, nectarines and apples.

  • photo-grower-dodds-acres

    Dodd’s Acres

    Mechanicsville, Virginia

    - Established in 1952 -

    Hanover, Tomatoes, Hot Peppers, Squash, Eggplant

    Dodd’s Acres has been managed by Robert Dodd and his wife Jane for 40 years. This 350-acre farm is located in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

    The Dodds grow strawberries, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, Hanover tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, tomatillos, Roma tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, cubanelle peppers, turnips and assorted greens.

  • photo-grower-chesser

    Fred S. Chesser & Co.

    Temperanceville Virginia

    - Established in 1918 -

    Green Beans, Cucumbers, Cabbage, Bell Peppers, Potatoes

    Fred S. Chesser and Co. is owned and operated by Fred and Steve Darby. The farm was established in 1918 by their great grandfather Fred S. Chesser.

    The 4,000-acre farm is located in Temperanceville, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Fred and Steve grow green beans, cucumbers, red and green cabbage, savoy cabbage, white and red potatoes, Yukon gold potatoes and bell peppers.

  • photo-grower-gallmeyer

    Gallmeyer Farms

    Richmond, Virginia

    - Established in 1954 -

    Pumpkins, Gourds

    Steve Gallmeyer is a second-generation farmer who began farming when his father put him on a tractor at the age of seven. Gallmeyer Farms is located in Henrico County and is spread across 50 acres of pumpkins, gourds and vegetables.

    Steve’s main crop is pumpkins and gourds. He grows everything from 100-pound giants to tiny pumpkins used for fall decorating.

  • photo-grower-oakdale

    Hanover Plant and Vegetable Farm

    Hanover County, Virginia

    - Established in 1902 -

    Tomatoes, Watermelons, Pumpkins

    Established in 1902, The Hanover Plant and Vegetable Farm is a 200-acre farm located in Hanover County, Virginia. It is a fifth-generation farm and is managed by Jeff Sears.

    Jeff enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for farming. The Hanover Plant and Vegetable Farm produces tomatoes, watermelons and pumpkins.

  • photo-grower-heart-seventeen

    Heart Seventeen

    Deltaville, Virginia

    - Established in 1924 -

    Athena Cantaloupes, Bell Peppers, Vine Ripened Tomatoes

    Heart Seventeen Produce Inc. at Riverdale Farms is a third-generation family farm located along the shores of the Rappahannock River and the Chesapeake Bay. Heart Seventeen specializes in Athena cantaloupes, green bell peppers and vine ripened tomatoes.

    All of the crops are packed and ready to deliver just hours after being harvested by hand.

  • photo-grower-jc-bean-sprouts

    JC Bean Sprouts

    Stafford County, Virginia

    - Established in 1983 -

    Bean Sprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts

    Jay Wu and his family have been growing sprouts in Virginia since 1983, starting out with a small operation in Springfield. Today, Jay grows alfalfa and bean sprouts in a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled facility that he built from the ground up. With the help of his wife and son, his new operation allows Jay to harvest  sprouts every day of the year.

  • photo-grower-jeter

    Jeter Farm

    Roanoke, Virginia

    - Established in 1853 -

    Corn, Squash, Cucumbers, Pumpkins

    Jeter Farm is in its fifth generation of continuous operation in the little community of Bonsack, in Botetourt County. Ned Jeter along with his sons, Ned II and Darrell, raise beef cattle, hay, wheat, corn, squash, cucumbers and pumpkins.

    Doc’ Benjamin Elliott Jeter and Susan Bonsack built the landmark Jeter barn on their Bonsack farm in 1871. The big red barn is still in use today.

  • photo-grower-kirby

    Kirby Farms

    Mechanicsville, Virginia

    - Established in 1907 -

    Squash, Greens, Sweet Potatoes, Watermelons, Cucumbers

    Managed by Kevin Kirby, a fourth-generation farmer in Hanover County, Virginia, Kirby Farms supplies us with yellow squash, zucchini squash, green peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, mustard greens, collard greens, sweet potatoes and watermelons.

    We are proud to support local farmers like Kevin and we will continue to provide our customers with the best in local produce.

  • photo-grower-light

    Light Family Farm

    Hillsville, Virginia

    - Established in 1989 -

    Broccoli, Pumpkins, Beans, Grape, Tomatoes

    Although James Light wasn’t raised in a “farming family,”he was interested in being a farmer since his childhood.  He started farming in high school and was mentored by a local farmer who taught him the ropes. He caught on and began farming for himself.

    James passed on his passion for agriculture to his young children, who are there to help him on the farm.

  • photo-grower-lindas-mercantile

    Linda’s Mercantile

    Winchester, Virginia

    - Established in 2004 -

    Tomatoes, Squash, Pumpkins

    Linda’s Mercantile is a family farm.  David and Linda Lay operate the farm that is partnered with the Solenberger family and Fruit Hill Orchards. They are located just a short drive from the city limits of Winchester.

    David and Linda grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables. In addition to their marvelous produce, they also make jams, salsas and apple cider.

  • photo-grower-marks-farms

    Marks Farms

    Capron, Virginia

    - Established in the 1950’ -


    Marks Farms is owned and operated by Mike and Bob Marks in Capron, Virginia. Originally farmed by Mike and Bob’s father, Bobby Marks, and their uncle, Paul Marks, the farm produces a variety of crops including peanuts, cotton, corn, soybeans and wheat.

    Today, watermelons are grown with row crops on Marks Farm.

  • photo-grower-mountain-view

    Mountain View Orchards

    Stafford County, Virginia

    - Established in 1992 -

    Asian Pears

    Tony Cheng liked Asian pears but couldn’t find any in local markets that he liked, so he decided to grow his own. And now he grows a lot of them. Tony and his family run Mountain View Orchard in Stafford County. Tony tends the trees he and his family planted on his 350-acre farm that’s been in his family for twenty years.

  • photo-grower-old-home-orchard

    Old Home Orchards

    Winchester, Virginia

    - Established in the 1920’s -


    Phil Glaize operates 650 acres in Frederick and Shenandoah counties. The climate and soil of the northern Shenandoah Valley are ideally suited for apple production. Glaize Apples originally grew apples for both the processing and fresh markets, but now concentrates on producing the highest quality possible for customers ranging from supermarkets to schools. Phil, third generation, has maintained the operation since 1985.

  • photo-grower-parker

    Parker Farms

    Oak Grove, Virginia

    - Established in 1974 -

    Broccoli, Squash, Sweet Corn, Cucumbers, Peppers

    Mr. Edelen Parker established parker Farms over 100 years ago. Parker Farms has grown to over 2,500 acres and become one of the largest shippers of vegetables on the East Coast.

    They are located in Oak Grove, Virginia, and produce broccoli, squash, sweet corn, cucumbers, bell peppers, hot peppers, watermelon and cantaloupes.

  • photo-grower-pickpenny

    PickPenny Produce

    Locustville, Virginia

    - Established in 1984 -

, Leeks, Napa, Cabbage, Bok Choy, Squash, Turnips

    Pickpenny Produce is a first generation herb and produce farm established in 1984. In 2004, Pickpenny Produce moved to a larger farm in the village of Locustville, Virginia.

    The new farm is 75 acres with 45 acres under cultivation. Pickpenny’s emphasis ison herbs. The farm also grows specialty vegetables including bunched beets, leeks, Napa cabbage, Bok Choy, squash and turnips.

  • photo-grower-robbins

    Robin Robbins Farm

    Abington, Virginia

    - Established in 1942 -

    Organic Herbs

    This 13-acre farm was established 50 years ago. In 2002 it was taken over by Dave, Robin and their daughters, Leanna, Logan and Allison. Dave and Robin work with their daughters to maintain the family farm and keep their daughters engaged with their “roots.” The Robbins’ Family Farm has been certified organic since 2003 and takes pride in providinglocal, organic, fresh produce to their customers.

  • photo-grower-rockhill-honey

    Rock Hill Honey Bee Farms

    Stafford County, Virginia

    - Established in 2007 -


    Jerry Mattiaccio began raising bees and producing honey with his father when he was nine. Jerry re-entered the business five years ago with five colonies in Stafford county. His honeybees pollinate almost 80 million dollars of Virginia crops. He produces several thousand pounds of honey every year.

  • photo-grower-sunnyside

    Sunnyside Farm

    Cumberland, Virginia

    - Established in 1889 -

    Tomatoes, Squash, Cucumbers, Peppers

    Family owned and operated, Sunnyside Farms dates back to1889 when it started as a cattle, hog and field crop farm. Sunnyside transitioned to an all vegetable farm in 1988.  Three generations of the French family are involved in the daily operation of Sunnyside Farms. The French family is committed to quality and prides itself in producing safe, healthy, local produce.

  • photo-grower-peanut-shop

    The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg

    Williamsburg, Virginia

    - Established in 1960’s -

    Peanut Butter

    Mrs. Anderson began roasting Virginia peanuts in the kitchen of her home in Williamsburg, VA in the late 1960’s. In 1972, she moved her cooking process to the back of a store located just off the Duke of Gloucester Street in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg. The single retail outlet, the Peanut Shop of Williamsburg, was born! In 1991, a new building was erected in Toano.

  • photo-grower-twin-aoks

    Twin Oaks Community

    Louisa County, Virginia

    - Established in 1967 -


    Twin Oaks is an intentional community in rural central Virginia, made up of around 100 adults and children. Since the community’s beginning in 1967, their way of life has reflected their values of cooperation, sharing, equality and ecology. Since 1991, Twin Oaks has produced fresh tofu and other soyfoods for sale in the region.

  • photo-grower-waynes-produce

    Wayne’s Produce

    Jarratt, Virginia

    - Established in 2005 -

    Butter Beans, Squash, Cantaloupes

    Wayne Grizzard got the farming bug when he was eighteen years old. He asked his grandfather if he could farm  two acres of land, the next year he asked for 10 acres.  By the fifth year, Wayne and his wife were farming 100 acres, that have been in his family for three generations.

    Wayne’s main crop is butter beans, but he has an interest in specialty produce. You can find a variety of unique squashes and other colorful vegetables at his farm in Emporia.

  • photo-grower-worrell

    Worrell Family Farm

    Hillsville, Virginia

    - Established in 1842 -

    Sweet Corn

    Alan Worrell grew up on the farm his family has owned since before the county was established, he became an active participant before he could see over the steering wheel of their tractor. Worrell converted his family’s livestock to produce production in 2005, increasing his operation by forging a strong partnership with Virginia Produce. He and his wife Kellie reside on the family farm with their two children, Virginia and Michael.