Our Story


Team PSP is a diverse group of associates with extensive experience in food service, retail, procurement, logistics, food safety, business, and customer service. We serve a variety of customers, seamlessly meeting individual needs and requests. Our team works fast and efficiently, continuing to support our customers as their businesses grow.

Executive Leadership
  • Norman Saville (President and CEO)
  • Rachel Meyers (COO)
  • Steve Entz (CFO)
Food Safety and Sustainability
  •  Dana Hamilton-Carter
  • Nick Kantner
Sales and Marketing Team
  • Rachel Meyers (COO, C-Store Sales)
  • David Thomas (Director, Corporate Sales)
  • Dan Budi (Director, Retail Sales and Local Farmer Liaison)
  • Roxie Bowie (Marketing Coordinator)
Richmond Food Service Sales Team
  • Doug Norby
  • Corey Stewart
  • Chip Childress
  • Wayne Chenault
  • William Yauger
 Hampton Roads Food Service Sales Team
  • Greg Lenda
  • Lydia Scrafano
  • Tammy Davis
  • Paula Everton
  • Gene Ambrose
 Roanoke Food Service Sales Team
  • Eric Martines
  • Sarah Jane Jones (College and University Specialist)
 Retail Sales Team
  • Dan Budi (Director of Retail Sales)
  • Ken Webb
 Customer Service Group
  • Patricia Clements (Customer Service Supervisor)
  • Angie Lane
  • Lakeya Jerry
  • Tari Branch
  • Angel Johnson
 Purchasing Group
  • Kevin Benson (Director of Purchasing)
  • Jeff Parker
  • Debi Blakely
  • Ty Benson
  • Sarah Cover
Operations Team
  • Mike Winters (Director of Operations)
  • Tim French (Director of Operations, Processing)
Human Resources
  •  Deb Warman  (Manager)
  • Wanda Phillips
  • Kate Sexton